Dynamiq is a superyacht builder meeting the needs of intelligent buyers for next-generation yachts: efficient, chic, easy to order and effortless to customise.
It is the only Italian shipyard building yachts completely engineered to the highest standards in the Netherlands.


  • GTM 90

    GTM 90

    • LOA 27.5 metres
    • Max speed 31 knots
    • Starting at 7 500 000 €
  • GTM 90 Sportfisher

    GTM 90 Sportfisher

    • LOA 27.5 metres
    • Max speed 31 knots
    • Starting at 7 100 000 €



  • G 300

    G 300

    • LOA 30.5 metres
    • Max speed 19 knots
    • Starting at 9 400 000 €
  • G 350

    G 350

    • LOA 34.7 metres
    • Max speed 16 knots
    • Starting at 16 450 000 €
  • G 380

    G 380

    • LOA 38 metres
    • Max speed 15 knots
    • Starting at 18 100 000 €
  • G 440

    G 440

    • LOA 44 metres
    • Max speed 17 knots
    • Starting at 23 500 000 €




    Drawn by the leading Dutch naval architects Van Oossanen, Dynamiq's fast displacement hulls feature a round-bilge shape for remarkably low resistance and low fuel consumption, while still being capable of high speeds. The design decreases vertical accelerations, providing a far more comfortable motion when sailing. The avant-grade bow shape with a vertical stem maximises the waterline length, enhancing performance even more. To keep spray levels low, an integrated spray rail deflects water from hitting the bow area.



    Certified marine-grade 5083 aluminium and stronger 5383 Sealium, a lightweight alloy that weighs three times less than steel, is used for all Dynamiq hulls and superstructures. A lighter hull provides a better performance, shallower draft, lower fuel consumption, and less capital outlay for engine and propulsion systems. Another benefit is that aluminium guarantees a stiff, robust and vibration-free vessel that is very comfortable and behaves well in a heavy swell or choppy seas. The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminium is equivalent to that of steel and there is much less risk of serious damage in case of a collision than with a fibreglass hull. Unlike composite materials, aluminium is fully recyclable, odourless, does not rust or creak at sea and does not burn in the atmosphere. Last but not least, aluminium yachts also have a high trade-in value due to the fact that they have a very long service life, usually more than 50 years, with the option of refitting the interior or upgrading equipment along the way.



    Vector Fin stabilisers by Norwegian Side Power dramatically reduce roll as well as undesired yaw and sway motions caused by active fins. Their vertical concave shape creates a net force direction, both in cruising and at-anchor modes, so the work is more up-down instead of side-to-side. By changing the net force angle, this also increases the leverage arm around the yacht's rolling point, further increasing the physical forces that work on the boat to reduce roll. This provides more efficient stabilisation per fin size, which means that drag and power consumption is less than with other fins offering comparable roll reduction.



    The Hull Vane® is a patented fixed foil located below the transom of a yacht or ship. It influences the stern wave pattern and creates hydrodynamic lift, which is partially oriented forward. This innovation leads to a significant reduction of the hull's resistance, which in turn enables the installation of smaller engines, leading to fuel savings and longer range. The Hull Vane® also improves stability underway and at anchor, while reducing both pitching and yawing motions.



    Dynamiq yachts are fitted with next-generation laminated XIR glass that allows maximum light transmission while keeping solar heat gain at bay.
    Harmful UV rays are almost completely blocked, and heat transmission reduced by 40%. The result is an interior with large deck-to-ceiling windows without the penalty of heat build-up. This means significantly reduced air-conditioning loads and therefore lower running costs. The glass manufacturer is Isoclima, an Italian high-tech company that also supplies glass for luxury automobiles such as Bentley, McLaren, Mercedes and BMW.



    All Dynamiq yachts have an ocean-going range of 3,000 miles+ at 10 knots and are perfectly equipped for long-range cruises, which means owners have the opportunity to enjoy two seasons during the year (Med and Caribbean) and greater freedom navigating remote locations with no bunkering infrastructure. They are equipped with high-capacity Miele marine fridges and freezers, cold garbage stores, separate laundry facilities and plenty of storage space. Generous fresh-water tanks and powerful water-makers allow guests to spend long periods of time sea in complete comfort.

Designed in MONACO.

The Dynamiq GTT range is a product of leading European technology and craftsmanship. This unique international approach has created an innovative superyacht of the highest quality born from a collaboration of the world’s top superyacht design and construction experts.


  • Sergei Dobroserdov

    Sergei Dobroserdov

    Sergei Dobroserdov was born in Moscow and started his career as a maritime lawyer. In 2000 he entered into the brokerage business as director of Nakhimov Yachts and successfully represented his clients in numerous sales, management and new construction projects including the 37 meter Aurelia, 55 meter Quinta Essentia, 65 meter Nataly, and 67 meter Anna. Managing the build of more than 20 superyachts ranging from 22 meters to 67 meters. Sergei has worked with major European shipyards including Heesen Yachts, Sanlorenzo, Benetti and others. This wide-ranging experience has given him a complete understanding of how the modern, efficient superyacht should be designed and built, and created the base for the Dynamiq concept of yachts with easy operation and management profiles as well as high resale values. In 2013 Sergei founded the Solar1 championship for solar powered boats in Monaco, and he also heads the Monaco-based Dobroserdov Design studio.

  • Maria Dobroserdova

    Maria Dobroserdova
    Sales director

    After obtaining a degree in Business Administration in her home town of Riga, Maria went abroad and worked in luxury travel agencies in Greece, Spain, France and Monaco before setting up her own boutique travel company, where she worked directly with high net worth individuals on the Côte d’Azur. She joined Sergei Dobroserdov’s team in 2012 and managed five motor yacht constructions between 40 meters and 55 meters. As sales director of Dynamiq, Maria is happy not only to oversee the day-to-day running of business but also to participate in the sales and marketing activity of the brand, bringing her deep knowledge of luxury products and the yachting industry to the team. She is bilingual in Russian and Latvian, and fluent in English and French.

  • Bogdan Gusarev

    Bogdan Gusarev
    Sales & Marketing manager

    Born in Ukraine, Bogdan pursued an International Business Management degree in the Netherlands. He started his career as finance assistant in Germany in 2004. This extensive experience helped him to develop a very organised personality. Before moving into the marketing ans sales world, Bogdan worked in various companies in London, Ibiza and Mallorca. In 2015 he established his own luxury personal training company in Monaco. Being an entrepreneur and visionary, he established another company in Germany. This company concentrated on the online sale of luxury goods. His experience in the luxury sector, combined with crucial online expertise and proven marketing campaign results, primed Bogdan to work as the sales and marketing manager at Dynamiq.

  • Yulia Korlyakova

    Yulia Korlyakova
    Financial officer

    Russian-born Yulia Korlyakova has more than 10 years of banking experience. She started her career as Senior Corporate Client Manager & Head of Trade Finance at JSC VTB Bank in Russia, where she successfully contributed to the financial structuring and modernisation of one of the biggest metallurgical plants in the Urals. Moving forward, she gained a Master’s degree in International Finance in France before relocating to Mauritius to work as Global Business Account Executive at Mauritius Commercial Bank. Prior to joining Dynamiq in 2016, she worked for Nakhimov Yachts as Yacht Manager in charge of the financial and operational management of several yachts. In her current role, Yulia is responsible for preparing, implementing and overseeing the company's financials.

  • Paola Piermaria Gorla

    Paola Piermaria Gorla
    Director of interiors

    Following a degree in Industrial Design from the Milan Polytechnic, Paola has deepened her knowledge of design and the yachting world through some post-degree studies that projected her into the interior management of superyachts.Her many years of experience as an interior manager mean she has acquired full expertise not only in interior design,but also in the technical and engineering aspects of yacht construction. In fact, Paola has successfully participated in the design and build of several superyacht projects with leading shipyards and studios in Italy. Last but not least, she contributed to the interior costruction of Jetsetter, Dynamiq’s first 39-metre vessel.

  • Marco Ramundo

    Marco Ramundo
    Shipyard managing director

    Born in Como, Italy, Marco Ramundo gained his degree in business administration in Milan. He began his career in 1996 as financial controller for the world’s leading waste management company before becoming financial director of Incas Group and S4win. He also consulted for leading Italian companies including Bistefani, Banca Popolare di Verona and Coop Italia. In 2003 he joined the Terra Moretti Group as CFO and as a member of the board of directors of several of its companies in the wine, luxury hotels, real estate and yacht businesses. In 2008 he became managing director of the Group’s Maxi Dolphin yard and in the following years built and delivered several key yachts including custom Maxi Dolphin motor yachts, and several sailing yachts that culminated with the 100’ (30m) Finot-Conq designed ultrafast sailing cruiser Nomad IV, which won a ShowBoats Design Award in 2014. Joining Dynamiq as shipyard managing director he brings a wide array of skills, experience of leading luxury brands and extensive knowledge of the construction of superyachts.

  • Liesbeth Roggeman

    Liesbeth Roggeman
    Technical Engineer

    As well as having studied Science of Product Development at the University of Antwerp in Belgium, Liesbeth has an engineering degree in Yacht & Powercraft Design from Solent University in Southampton, UK. She combines these qualifications with solid practical experience, most recently as a systems engineer for Vismara Marine in Viareggio, Italy, where she was responsible for specifying the onboard systems. She also worked worked as assistant project leader for Heesen Yachts in the Netherlands on a 50m motoryacht, and as a project engineer on high-speed craft for Damen Shipyards.

  • John Scullard

    John Scullard
    Project Manager

    John has more than 25 years’ experience in the yachting industry. He has captained several yachts over 24 metres, worked as engineer on others and managed refit projects in France, Italy, Spain and the UK. Enthusiastic and conscientious, dynamic and hands-on, John has an eye for detail and has been passionate about yachting since childhood. Just as important, he works well under pressure. He recently renewed his Master 3000 ticket and joined the Dynamiq team looking for a new challenge where he could put his extensive knowledge and experience to best use for an exciting brand in a multi-cultural environment.

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Dynamiq was founded in 2014 by experienced yacht broker and designer Sergei Dobroserdov, who assembled a ‘dream team' of world thinkers, engineers and naval architects to turn the next-generation superyacht concept into reality.
“I simply believe we can propose something better that offers owners more choice: versatile yachts perfect for any occasion, whether it's relaxing family cruising, vibrant deck parties and exploring the remotest destinations. Fast but with ocean-going range, easy to order and customise with top world brands,” says founder and CEO Sergei Dobroserdov.

Dynamiq is the first company in the superyacht industry to introduce an online configurator, allowing the yacht to be easily and transparently customised down to the last detail. Dynamiq unveiled its first launch, 39m Jetsetter, at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show to wide acclaim. The following project, the GTT 115, was developed in conjunction with the renowned design firm Studio F.A. Porsche and successfully unveiled at the 2017 MYS. Currently in build is the GTT 135 (41m), which will be delivered in autumn 2020.

The latest addition to the Dynamiq fleet is the new Global series of long-range explorer yachts designed on the EPIQ platform of Efficiency, Performance, Innovation and Quality.