Hull Hull/Superstructure Superstructure Antenna domes Cushions Exterior details Hull incert Exterior incerts Railing inserts Capping rails

GTT 160 Configurator

19 900 000 €*
  • Total price*:19 900 000 €
  • Model base price*:19 900 000 €
  • Delivery**:May 2022
* Ex-works, excluding taxes and charges
** 24 months from contract signature
  • Total price*:19 900 000 €
  • Model base price*:19 900 000 €
  • Delivery**:May 2022
* Ex-works, excluding taxes and charges
** 24 months from contract signature
1 000 000 €
    • CARAT exterior package with Royal Gold metallic paint
    • "Stabilisation Plus" package
    • Silent package
    • Hull Vane
    • Bentley Home interior package (furniture, lights, accessories)
    • Steinway Lyngdorf high-end audio package
    • Heated bathroom floors
    • Serdanili gold bathrooms accessories
    • Fine marbles in luxury areas
    • Bed linen, bath and deck towels by Frette
    • Interior scent diffusion
    • Crew call buttons
    • Miele electric BBQ on sundeck
    • Ice dispenser and fridge in sun deck bar
    • 2 x Miele wine coolers on the sundeck
    • Panasonic bow camera
    • Main deck aft cinema
    • 15 Underwater RGB lights
    • VSAT Intellian V80
    • Deluxe cushions
    • "All-weather" package (outdoor cooling with mist + IR heating)
850 000 €
  • The Sports package renders the GTT 160 even more dynamic with MAN V12-1800 (1324 kW) engines. Top speed is 23 knots.

    The Sports package renders the GTT 160 even more
    dynamic. It comprises bigger engines for a top speed of 23 knots.
Hull/Superstructure: Snow White
  • Snow White
  • Kingstone Grey
GTS special colours
  • Carrara White
  • Rhodium Silver
  • Speed Blue Metallic
  • Crystal Silver
  • Whisper Green
  • Imperial Gold
  • Brown Gold
  • Miami Pink
Antenna domes: White
  • White
  • Silver
Cushions: Sailcloth Shell
Sunbrella / Minotti fabric
  • Sailcloth Shell
  • Sailcloth Sand
  • Mocca / Pepita Houndstooth
Exterior details:
  • Super Jet Black
In carbone fiber
  • Black carbon fibre
Railing inserts: Stainless steel railings with no incerts
No incerts
  • Stainless steel railings with no incerts
  • Railings with teak inserts
Carbone fiber
  • Railings with carbon fibre inserts
275 000 €
  • Selection of loose furnishings and accessories from cult Italian brand Minotti and lamps from Tom Dixon and Flos. Marbles, fabrics, leathers and accessories can be customised by the client with Minotti designers to ensure individual selections. 

445 000 €
  • Inspired by the refined Monte-Carlo lifestyle, the «Sabrina for Dynamiq" interior package includes a diverse and sophisticated selection of modern furniture, lights, tableware, barware, linen and accessories to decorate the whole yacht. Owners are invited to one of four Sabrina showrooms from Monaco to Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat to handpick loose items with the help of professional decorator from Sabrina’s team. ’You always have a choice’.

    • This package includes:
    • Furniture and lights
    • Decorative cushions
    • Outdoor
    • Main deck tableware
    • Sundeck tableware
    • Breakfast set
    • Barware
    • Accessories
    • Sabrina Bath & Bedlinen
    • Table linen
    • Amenities starter kit (Hermès)
    • Galley/Housekeeping
    • Crew tableware
37 000 €
  • Cosmopolitan Mesh Gold and Cosmopolitan Royal Palace Miami Style, two hand-picked collection options from MEISSEN, the oldest and one of the most prestigious porcelain manufacturers in Europe. The “MEISSEN for Dynamiq” package includes plates and cups for 12 persons, vases and decorative items, which can be further individualised by adding the yacht name or initials onto each item. Tailor-made porcelain storage will also be installed onboard for safe storing.

    • The Cosmopolitan Gold Mesh package includes:
    • 12 х Cups espresso
    • 12 x Cups coffee
    • 12 x Dinner plate
    • 12 x Charger plate
    • 12 x Saucer espresso
    • 12 x Saucer coffee
    • 12 x Bread plate
    • 12 x Picture frame
    • 12 x Soup plate
    • 1 x Lidded fish vase
    • 12 x Glass
    • 12 x Goblet small
    • 12 x Goblet big
26 000 €
  • Cosmopolitan Mesh Gold and Cosmopolitan Royal Palace Miami Style, two hand-picked collection options from MEISSEN, the oldest and one of the most prestigious porcelain manufacturers in Europe. The “MEISSEN for Dynamiq” package includes plates and cups for 12 persons, vases and decorative items, which can be further individualised by adding the yacht name or initials onto each item. Tailor-made porcelain storage will also be installed on board for safe storing.

    • The Cosmopolitan Royal Palace Miami Style package includes:
    • 1 х Platter small
    • 1 x Platter big
    • 12 x Plate
    • 12 x Charger plate
    • 1 x Sushi platter
    • 12 x Saucer espresso
    • 12 x Saucer coffee
    • 12 x Bread plate
    • 2 x Dish
    • 12 x Dinner plate
    • 1 x Sculpture Ray
    • 12 x Soup plate
    • 12 x Cup espresso
    • 12 x Cup coffee
    • 2 x Bowl
    • 2 x Platter sea small
    • 2 x Platter sea medium
    • 2 x Platter sea big
    • 2 x Bowl small
    • 2 x Bowl large
    • 1 x Vase small
    • 1 x Vase medium
    • 1 x Vase square
    • 12 x Glass
    • 12 x Goblet small
    • 12 x Goblet big
97 000 €
  • Hand-tufted carpets in pure silk, bamboo and finest virgin wool supplied by Fashion for Floors, a world leader in the manufacturing and laying of exclusive hand-made carpets.

58 000 €
    • This package includes:
    • 6 х cashmere throws
    • 24 x decorative cushions
    • 8 x Picture frames
    • 9 x Napkin boxes
    • 2 x Sets of leather boxes and trays
    • 2 x Sets of desk accessories
  • 385 000 €
    Hull Vane®

    Hull Vane and Naiad T-Foil (assisted Hull Vane). These ride control devices provide a lift to further reduce drag and pitching and to enhance performance and comfort. 

  • 215 000 €

    All the guests' cabins have oversized portholes with laminated 18mm glass according to Class rules and internal double glazing with an air camera of 42mm. The result is that heat and noise transmission are significantly reduced. To achieve the low noise levels indicated in the spec the insulation of the cabins has been increased using Isover Ultimate Sea Protect material, as well as ACM15 and ACM17-cored sandwich panels that have excellent damping and air-borne noise reduction.

  • 280 000 €
    RINA "Unrestricted Range"

    Unrestricted Range gives the possibility to travel further than 60nm from a port when in commercial use, as in the standard short-range specification. It includes enhanced structural fire protection, increased safety equipment and long-range radio and communication equipment.

  • 725 000 €
    Hybrid package

    The Auxilia system of two e-motors (100kW each) combined with a lithium battery pack (100kWh) ensures silent cruising at a speed of up to 8 knots and the possibility of overnight stays with the generators off

  • 155 000 €
    "Stabilisation Plus" package

    The specially developed Humphree interceptor system together with four Humphree electric carbon fibre fins. The system is equipped with Automatic Trim Control to ensure the best performance and onboard comfort. The system includes sensors measuring trim and list that is presented on the Colour LCD screen. Automatic List Control – included in ACTIVE Ride Control – l automatically keeps the boat level on an even keel also when operating in crosswinds or with an uneven load.

  • 7 000 €
    2x Mooring lights on main deck

    2 mooring lights on the overhang of the superstructure for lighting the bathing platform and  dock astern.

  • 12 100 €
    Flag Staff in Carbon fibre
  • 12 000 €
    Exterior HUE lights

    23 wireless HUE lights situated on the sun deck, linked to the music/DJ mixing deck. Countless ambiant light scenarios and disco light, controlled via iPad.

  • Underwater lights
    + 24 000 €
    + 40 000 €

  • Special laminated XIR glass with a natural clear appearance that allows maximum 70% light transmission, while keeping solar heat gain at bay. Harmful UV rays are almost completely blocked (by 99%), and heat transmission reduced by almost 40%. This also means significantly reduced air-conditioning loads and therefore lower running costs. Developed by US-based Southwall Technologies, XIR film is widely used in the luxury automotive sector.

  • 9 500 €
    2 zone IR heating

    2 x Heliosa 66 heating devices situated on sun deck aft and main deck aft allowing to enjoy the open decks off season.

  • 21 500 €
    Stainless steel yacht name

    Backlighted stainless steel yacht name boards on both sides of the yacht.

  • 395 000 €
    Deck furniture by Glyn Peter Machin
  • 19 000 €
    Oculus YachtEye

    The standard YachtEye system provides a source for a TV channel that can be distributed throughout the yacht. The yacht is animated at its real-time position and significant bridge information, such as distance to destination, estimated arrival time, current speed, etc. is provided on screen.

  • 5 000 €
    Drone DLI Inspire2 with options

    Powerful, fast and intelligent drone for Hollywood-grade professional filmmaking.

  • 3 900 €
    Underwater ROV

    OpenROV v2.8 Kit Pro Bundle Sub-sea, remote-controlled exploration robot.The Pro features our camera upgrade kit which features crystal clear video with streamlined in-browser data recording. Extra lights and 100m of neutrally buoyant tether help meet environmental challenges. 

  • 4 000 €

    Karaoke system with 2 microphones in main salon and sun deck aft.

  • 12 000 €
    Sundeck cinema and disco package

    1 x Samsung 75' TVs and a disco ball.

  • 4 500 €
    Panasonic bow camera

    Panasonic WV-SP105, HD network camera.

  • 49 000 €
    B&W high-end audio system

    Upgrade of Dynamiq Entertainment System with Britain’s Bowers & Wilkins, one of the world’s most respected makers of handcrafted, high-end audio. The positioning of the speakers has been expertly analysed to ensure optimum output.

  • 399 €
    Refrigerated Beauty Box

    Developed in collaboration with a dermatologist, the Refrigerated Beauty Box from Beautigloo helps preserve the properties of cosmetic products so the ladies can enjoy their full benefits in the comfort of their own cabin. Environmentally friendly and compact (H 17.7 x W 8.66 x D 9.25 in), this patented innovation enhances your onboard experience.

  • 4 450 €
    Nuga Best medical therapy bed N5
  • 79 000 €
    Fine marbles in luxury areas

    Upgrade of standard materials (lacquered wood, limestone or similar) to fine marbles in guest bathrooms and dayheads)

  • 4 500 €
    Davidoff Dome Humidor

    Dome humidor in macassar brilliant ref.25996

  • 1 200 €
    Beddit 3 Sleep Monitors

    6 x Beddit 3 Sleep Monitors that automatically track your sleep and work with the Beddit app on your iPhone or iPad to help achieve better sleep.

  • 4 500 €
    Ionto-Up massage table

    A premium massage table for cosmetic and medical massage

  • 7 500 €
    Interior scent diffusion

    Ecoscent innovative technology diffuses the fragrance through the air conditioning system. Highest quality fragrances from around the world deliver consistent and appealing aromas without the harsh undertones of  low quality chemical-based scents.

  • 8 000 €
    Crew call buttons

    Crew call system includes buttons integrated in main deck aft, sun deck dining and pool area.

  • 19 200 €
    Night vision camera

    For yacht security and safe navigation at night.

  • 8 000 €
    Ice dispenser and fridge in sun deck bar

    Hoshizaki ice-maker and a mini-fridge integrated in sun deck bar.

  • 3 500 €
    Miele electric BBQ on sundeck

     2 grill zones and a premium cast-iron griddle for perfect cuisine

Navigation & communication:
  • 1 395 €
    DropShot camera

    The DropShot camera provides live video at all times snd is mounted above the waterline next to the anchor plate to check the anchor line and ensure the anchor hasn't pick up any debris. The camera is installed inside a bronze or nylon thru-hull fitting and can be removed for maintenance or storage. A dummy plug is included to seal the hull when the camera is not installed.

  • VSAT Intellian antenna
    + 47 000 €
  • 195 000 €
    V Class by Klassen

    V Class by Klassen. The leading German luxury vehicle outfitter developed the ideal yacht shuttle. With up to 4 VIP seats, this Van with Maybach seats can be stylishly configured with matching exterior colours and livery as well as the same leather panels and Alcantara ceilings as the mothership. Flawless perfection and top class comfort on four wheels. 

  • 3 650 €
    Ondine Platine Collection

    The Ondine collection of luxury cookware was designed with an instinct for elegance and a flair for the subtleties of timeless design, inspired by the heritage of artistry and refinement. The Ondine Platine cookware set includes two high-end Saucepans, a Skillet, a Casserole Pan, a Sauté Pan, an oval Roasting Pan and the Stock Pot.

  • 27 500 €
    Heated bathroom floors

    6 bathrooms and 2 dayheads

  • 3 500 €
    Monogrammed Trussardi suitcase set

    Monogrammed Trussardi 2-piece suitcase set.

  • 3 500 €
    Monogrammed Louis Vuitton suitcase set

    Monogrammed Louis Vuitton 2-piece suitcase set.

  • 76 000 €
    Crew uniform by Loro Piana

    9 sets of crew uniform by Loro Piana for evening and day service.

Tenders / Chase boats:
  • 280 000 €
    Pirelli 1100 chase boat

    Maxitender, comfortably seating 14 passengers, while the lower deck are suitable to accommodate two persons. 
    Length: 11,4 m
    Beam: 3,5 m
    Accommodation: 1 cabin / 2 guests
    Engines: 2x Volvo Penta D4 300hp DPH
    Max speed: 45 kn

  • 150 000 €
    Castoldi 21' LC Jet Tender

    Castoldi 21’ LC Jet Tender in yacht colours.

  • 150 000 €

    Castoldi 21’ Jet Tender in yacht colours.

Sport and water toys:
  • 10 000 €
    Virtual Reality fitness machine

    Combining fitness and virtual reality, the German-made Icaros systems allow you to fly, dive or drive through different worlds all whilst improving your fitness. The Icaros system is perfect for yachts, taking up little space and allowing you to beam yourself to new lands with virtual reality. 

  • 6 499 €
    E-foil board

    Fly on water with the Takuma E-foil. Thanks to its intelligent design, you will be able to glide above the waves in no time, no matter your experience. A modular design allows the Takuma to be a great all-purpose foiling board.

  • 6 999 €
    iBubble Underwater Drone

    The world’s most advanced and innovative underwater drone. Fully autonomous or radio controlled, IBubble allows you to record and share your underwater adventures.

  • 28 000 €
    Fun Air Pool

    FunAir inflatable sea pools are a safe and comfortable way to enjoy swimming out in the ocean during your superyacht experience. The pools provide protection from jellyfish and sea critters with tightly woven netting, and provide an enclosed area to prevent charter guests from floating away in the current.

  • 3 060 €
    S T E L L I N A portable telescope

    New generation telescope that is easy to use, portable and connected to your smartphone. Compact and superbly designed, Stellina is the perfect companion to discover and share the beauty of the night sky from the most remote places. Enjoy special nights with your friends and family and explore together the sight of galaxies millions of light years away from us.

  • 18 900 €
    AWAKE electric surfboard

    High-performance electric surfboard that redefines mobility on water by thrusting the rider to speeds of up to 30 knots. The streamlined, hydrodynamic carbon body is designed to trigger adrenaline both in and out of the water. 

  • 29 000 €
    2 x Seabob Cayago F5S

    2 seabobs in yacht colours. The SEABOB F5 S is the ultimate high-performance craft. It has a highly sporty character and stands out for its extraordinary dynamism.

  • 18 000 €
    Diving board on sundeck

    Custom mountable and easily stowable diving platform. 

  • 18 500 €
    2 x Nauti Buoy Marine inflatable floating platforms (side by side)

    With the NautiBuoy Marine Platforms streamed off the back of the yacht you can choose exactly where you want to be and create perfect serenity. Includes 2 Voyager Series TEAK - PVC (4m x 2m), a boarding ladder, and a Luxury Leisure pack with comfort seats. 

  • 12 000 €
    Diving equipment

    1 x Dive compressor and 6 air tanks.

  • 9 500 €
    Sea-Doo SPARK jetski

    The most compact jetski on the market, Sea-Doo SPARK is playful, easy-to-ride and easy to tow.

  • 1 500 €
    TRX trainer
  • 4 500 €
    Technogym equipment

    1 x Spazio Forma folding treadmill, a wellness rack and a wellness ball

Transport and Insurance:
  • 75 000 €
    12-months insurance package from Only Yacht (Hull & Machinery, Protection & Indemnity, Crew Welfare for 6 crew)
  • 375 000 €
    Delivery by transport vessel from Genova to Singapore
  • 220 000 €
    Delivery by transport vessel from Genova to Fort Lauderdale


CONFIGURATION: 31052020_GTT160_8

Main spec:

    • LOA 49.5 m
    • Beam 8,7 m
    • Draft 2 m
    • Tonnage 399 GT
    • Hull/Superstructure Aluminium
    • Max speed 17 knots
    • Max power 2x MAN i6-730, 537 kW
    • Propulsion 2x 1,400 mm 5 blades props
    • Fuel capacity 38,300 l / 10,117 US gallons
    • Water capacity 14,800 l / 3,910 US gallons
    • Range 2,700 nm (Transat) @ 17 knots
    • Guests / cabins 12 / 6
    • Crew / cabins 8 / 4
    • ClassificationRINA short range, LY4 Commercial


  • Color
    Hull/Superstructure: Snow White
    0 €
  • Color
    Antenna domes: White
    0 €
  • Color
    Cushions: Sailcloth Shell
    0 €
  • Color
    Railing inserts: Stainless steel railings with no incerts
    0 €


  • Underwater lights
    Underwater lights - 3 LED lights (Transom only)
    0 €
  • White
    Awning poles color - White
    0 €
TOTAL 19 900 000 €

All information is subject to change without notice. Only an actual invoice issued by DYNAMIQ at the time a yacht is sold may be used as an official indication of equipment and pricing. The yacht prices and options prices shown exclude taxes, title and registration charges and may vary.