GTT 165
GTT 165
Desde 24,700,000 €
50 m
19/23 kn
4500 NM
Guest cabins

Este emocionantemente innovador y elegantemente refinado superyate de 50 m (165 ') es el más grande de la gama Dynamiq GTT, creado para aquellos que buscan lo último en rendimiento eficiente y comodidad de movimiento. Además del casco ligero y robusto construido en aleación de aluminio Sealium, su tecnología de vanguardia incluye un casco de quilla redonda de desplazamiento rápido, sistema de estabilización avanzado y Hull Vane. Diez o doce invitados se acomodan lujosamente en cinco o seis camarotes. Con capacidad de 21 nudos y un alcance de 4.500 millas náuticas, los propietarios también pueden elegir un sistema de propulsión híbrido opcional para una eficiencia aún mayor y un funcionamiento silencioso. El GTT 165 es su hogar exclusivo en el agua para explorar el mundo en compañía de familiares y amigos.

key Features
  • Fast displacement hull form
    Fast displacement hull form
    Devised by the famous Dutch naval architects Van Oossanen, the GTT 165 unique hull features a round-bilge shape for remarkably low resistance and low fuel consumption while still being capable of high speeds. The design decreases vertical accelerations of the hull, which translates into a far more comfortable motion when sailing. The bow shape with a vertical stem maximises the waterline length, enhancing performance even more. To keep spray levels low, an integrated spray rail deflects water hitting the bow area. Built entirely from marine grade aluminium, the GTT 165 hull guarantees unparalleled comfort and safe operation for more than 25 years
  • Robust full aluminium construction
    Robust full aluminium construction
    Certified marine-grade 5083 aluminium and stronger 5383 Sealium, a lightweight alloy that weighs three times less than steel, is used for Dynamiq GTT 165 hull and superstructure. A lighter hull provides better performance, shallower draft, lower fuel consumption. Another benefit is that aluminium guarantees a stiff, robust and vibration-free vessel that is very comfortable and behaves well in a heavy swell or choppy seas. The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminium is equivalent to that of steel and there is much less risk of serious damage in case of a collision than with a fibreglass hull.
  • Hull Vane
    Hull Vane
    The Hull Vane® is a patented fixed foil located under the stern of the yacht. Developed by renowned Dutch naval architects Van Oossanen it influences the stern wave pattern and creates hydrodynamic lift, which is partially oriented forward. This innovation leads to significant reduction of the hull's resistance, which in turn enables the installation of smaller engines, fuel savings and longer range. The Hull Vane® also improves stability under way and at anchor, while reducing both pitching and yawing motions.
  • Curved Stabilizer Fins
    Curved Stabilizer Fins
    Vector Fins stabilizers dramatically reduce roll as well as undesired yaw and sway motions caused by active fins. Their vertical concave shape creates a net force direction, both in cruising and at-anchor modes, so the work is more up-down instead of side-to-side. By changing the net force angle, this also increases the leverage arm around the boat’s rolling point, further increasing the physical forces that work on the boat to reduce roll. This provides more efficient stabilization per fin size, which means that drag and power consumption are less than with other fins offering comparable roll reduction.
  • Transatlantic range
    Transatlantic range
    The GTT 165 has an ocean-going range of 3,400 miles at 10 knots and is perfectly equipped for long-range cruises, which means owners have the opportunity to enjoy two seasons during the year (Med and Caribbean) and greater freedom navigating remote locations with no bunkering infrastructure. GTT 165 is equipped with high-capacity Miele marine fridges and freezers, cold garbage stores, separate laundry facilities and plenty of storage space. Generous fresh-water tanks and powerful water-makers allow guests to spend long periods of time sea in complete comfort.
  • Engine room cooling
    Engine room cooling
    The engine room cooling offers two main benefits: on the one hand it cools down the ER quicker on arrival in port or anchorage without having the blowers running full power for an hour; and on the other hand, it keeps the ER at a comfortable and steady temperature while at anchor to preserve electrical equipment. Overall, the benefit is reduced noise as there is no need to have the blowers running when the yacht is static, and the temperature cooling in the engine room makes it a more comfortable environment to work in. A long-term benefit is that it extends the longevity of all the equipment and especially the electronic parts.
  • Bottega Veneta exclusive furniture collection
    Bottega Veneta exclusive furniture collection
    A harmonious and seamless balance of textures, design, functionality and the finest craftsmanship for a sophisticated and understated sense of home: the Bottega Veneta Home Collection embraces the warmth and beauty of the highest quality materials meticulously crafted to meld into a timeless yet innovative design. Browse through a selection of loose furnishings and accessories. Marbles, fabrics, leathers and accessories can be customised by the client with Bottega Veneta designers to ensure individual selections.
  • Upper saloon fireplace
    Upper saloon fireplace
    A real fireplace becomes a centrepiece and adds a cosy touch, especially when cruising early or later in the season when the evenings can be a bit chilly. They are completely safe and fully certified and rely on low-heat producing fuels such as ethanol.
  • High-end audio by Bowers & Wilkins
    High-end audio by Bowers & Wilkins
    Dynamiq has partnered with iconic British sound maker Bowers & Wilkins to deliver pristine sound to its discerning customers. All luxury spaces and each guest cabin will be carefully analysed and studied by experts to ensure the ideal positioning of the speaker systems to have the best possible sound expertise on board.
  • Owner’s stateroom with two fixed balconies
    Owner’s stateroom with two fixed balconies
    A standout feature aboard the GTT 165 are the two fixed balconies in the owner’s stateroom, which do not require any servicing or crew member to operate. Nor does the floor become an unsightly wall as with fold-down balconies. A fixed balcony means you can wake up and enjoy your morning coffee, sunbath in full privacy or read a newspaper close to the sea without delay.
  • Beach club with sauna
    Beach club with sauna
    For maximum relaxation the Dynamiq GTT 165 offers a beach club with hamman or sauna, as well as space for gym equipment. Beach clubs come into their own when anchored in a quiet bay when they become an extension of the stern platform, so guests can take a steam bath or sauna straight after a refreshing plunge. .
  • XIR glass
    XIR glass
    The GTT 165 features next-generation laminated XIR glass that allows maximum light transmission, while keeping solar heat gain at bay. Harmful UV rays are almost completely blocked, and heat transmission reduced by 60%. The result is an interior that offers the wide panoramas of large windows without the penalty of heat build-up. This means significantly reduced air-conditioning loads and therefore lower running costs. The glass manufacturer is Isoclima, an Italian high-tech company that also supplies glass for luxury automobiles such as Bentley, McLaren, Mercedes and BMW.


GTT 165
Eslora total 50 m / 165’
Calado 2 m / 6'6”

Altura de techo (máximo)

Cubierta superior
2.2 metros / 7’3’’
Cubierta principal
2.2 metros / 7’3’’
Cubierta inferior
2.15 metros / 7’1’’


  • Eslora total
    50 m / 165’
    Manga máxima
    8,5 m / 27’10”
    2 m / 6'6”
    Aluminio puro
    Tipo de casco
    Sentina redondeada, desplazamiento rápido
    Tonelaje bruto
    475 GT
    Velocidad máxima
    19 nudos
    Motores principales
    2x MAN V12-1400, 1029 kW
    Velocidad máxima GTT 165S (option) 
    23 nudos
    Motores principales
    2x MTU 16V 2000 M92, 1630 kW
    2,700 millas naúticas (Transat) @ 16 nudos
    4,500 millas naúticas @ 10 nudos
    Consumo de combustible
    632 litros/h @ max speed
  • Propulsión
    2x 1,450 mm 5 blades props
    50,000 litros / 13,210 US gallons
    Agua dulce
    17,500 litros / 4,625 US gallons
    2x 100 kW, Kohler
    2x 3.5 m2 Stabilizer fins
    Naiad Hull Vane® + Assisted Hull Vane®
    12 in 5/6 camarotes
    9 in 5 camarotes
    Castoldi Jet 21’
  • Clasificación
    RINA commercial, REG compliant
    RINA Comfort Class, RINA Green Star
    Arquitectura naval
    Van Oossanen
    Diseño exterior
    Dobroserdov Design
    Diseño interior
    Construcción en
    30 meses
Desde 24,700,000 €
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