Wir bei Dynamiq glauben an eine intelligentere Art, Yachten zu bauen.

Wir glauben an intelligente Käufer und Yachten der nächsten Generation, die effizient, einfach zu bestellen und mühelos anzupassen sind.

Wir glauben an die neuesten Technologien und einzigartige Kooperationen.

Wir glauben an die überzeugende Preis-Leistungs-Formel von Yachten, die in den Niederlanden konstruiert, in Monaco entworfen und in der Türkei gefertigt werden.

Lebe klug. Sei Dynamiq.





  • Forward thinking design

    Forward thinking design

    Dynamiq's unique exteriors look impressive and fresh and express the sporty, chic soul of our yachts. They not only look great, but also perform at the top of their class and lend owners a sense of exclusivity and pride.

  • Innovative naval architecture

    Innovative naval architecture

    Dynamiq’s high efficiency is based on innovative technologies in modern naval architecture: fast displacement hull lines, the Hull Vane under the stern, and Sleipner curved fin stabilizers. Completely drawn by leading naval architects in the Netherlands, all Dynamiq yachts feature a round-bilge shape for remarkably low resistance and low fuel consumption, while providing seaworthiness and comfort with long waterline length and low centre of gravity.

  • Highest engineering standards

    Highest engineering standards

    Each Dynamiq yacht is by definition safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly in accordance with the strictest RINA and BV Commercial Class standards, prestigious Comfort and Green Star Plus notations, Large Yacht Code 4 (LY4) compliancy and manning standards. This not only makes our vessels ultra safe and almost silent, but also means they can be chartered to offset the cost of ownership.

  • Top-quality steel & aluminium construction

    Top-quality steel & aluminium construction

    Only certified marine-grade steel, aluminium and Sealium are used for Dynamiq hulls and superstructures. In comparison with composite hulls, they are much quieter, easier to repair and have higher trade-in value due to the fact that they have a very long service life.

  • Ocean-going range

    Ocean-going range

    Dynamiq yachts are designed with an ocean-going capability in mind, which means owners have the opportunity to enjoy multiple seasons during the year (say Mediterranean and Caribbean) and visit remote locations with no re-fueling infrastructure. Equipped with high-capacity marine fridges and freezers, cold garbage stores, separate laundry facilities, plenty of storage space, generous fresh water tanks and powerful water-makers, Dynamiq yachts provide autonomy at sea in complete comfort.

  • Smart pricing

    Smart pricing

    Combining Dutch engineering with production facilities in the one of the biggest Turkish shipbuilding hubs of Antalya Free Zone means Dynamiq can offer North European standards and quality craftsmanship at significantly reduced prices. Being pioneers in the superyacht industry, Dynamiq also has an Online Configurator where clients can customize their yachts in a few clicks and see in real time how the price and delivery times vary.



Die Dynamiq GTT Yacht Serie sticht durch ihre führende, europäische Technologie und handwerklichen Meisterleistungen hervor. Die einzigartige, internationale Vorgehensweise ermöglicht es, innovative Superyachten durch die Zusammenarbeit der weltbesten Superyachtdesigner und Konstruktionsexperten mit höchster Qualität zu erstellen.



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